You get Towing Service Near Me Louisville of course! Aptly found at www.towingservicenearmelouisville.com, our limo service knew about this great towing service because their flatbed is just long enough to accommodate the limos in our fleet!

EQ2 Plat Gold Limos is famous in the Louisville area because of the unique platinum gold paint job they use on all their stretched vehicles.

At EQ2 Plat Gold Limos, you can rent a stretched Hummer, a stretched Lincoln or just receive a luxury town car for an airport pick-up at SDF.

When it came time to make a TV commercial for EQ2 Plat Gold Limos, the production company wanted to get some wild camera shots of our limos that might have required some extra special movie camera mounts or a trick drone pilot.

That’s where Towing Service Near Me Louisville came in.

The Making of the TV Commercial

Our creative director wanted the ad to look like a music video. This required the driver to be singing as the car went down the highway.

The specially embellished jingle also called for the passengers, in this case, a bride, a groom and a small contingent of bride’s maids, to lip sync some singing on their way to being dropped off at the airport.

The camera was to be positioned in several places on the flatbed pointed at the limo. As the flatbed from Towing Service Near Me Louisville drove around places like the airport and the Interstate, the camera would see reflections of the signs going by on the windshield and the other various limo windows and the driver could concentrate on acting without fear of crashing the car while he happily performed the lyrics.

The side windows are tinted, so occasionally during the course of the video you would see the limo from the side driving down the highway with a close-up of the passenger window (complete with the reflections of the scenery whishing by) then the window would open and the bride would stick out her head and lip-sync her part of the jingle.

After about ten takes of these specialized close-ups shot from the Towing Service Near Me Louisville flatbed, they lowered the limo and did some wide shots where the limo could be seen actually driving down the road here and there.

The Results

EQ2 Plat Gold Limos couldn’t have been more pleased with Towing Service Near Me Louisville. They really came through with flying colors and the dailies of the footage look fantastic!

We always appreciated the way Towing Service Near Me Louisville took good care of our vehicles whenever we ran into issues that required fast and professional service.

Now they can distinguish themselves as Hollywood style movie trucks—as one more arrow in their quiver of a variety of tow truck services.

When the final audio track is synced to the footage and the final edit is prepared, you will be seeing links to it all over our website and social media!